Last week the most prized and acclaimed fashion houses that design haute-couture presented their collections for Spring/ Summer 19′ in front of an audience elite and just as couture itself. The first day Sciaparelli, Ralph&Russo, Giambattista Valli and Iris Van Herpen were among those who opened this prestigious event every socialite and fashion relevance in the world of fashion had been waiting for, in the crowned capital of fashion where haute couture reigns PARIS. The notable vibe behind this year’s couture shows  was over the top everything, frills, colors, floral prints and decorations were everywhere. It was as if though the fashion circus came to town exhibiting it’s exuberance, uniqueness and surreal beauty and skill. It sure was fun, enthusiastic and very artistic. So let’s see how couture looks like for the season of SS19′ starting with a couturier like no other, a pioneer of fashion as art Elsa Schiaparelli the most shocking taste maker in whose world everything was magic.

SCHIAPARELLI  –  Perhaps Fashion’s Greatest Artist REVIVED for PFW Couture

It was Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel that were the original celebrity fashion designers that everybody knew of. Both unique in their own way they were portrayed by the media as the deadliest of enemies and they played the part exquisitely each being completely and utterly her self. Sciaparelli unlike Gabrielle who was an orphan was born in an aristocrats family with various interests in philosophy, archaeology, art, astronomy…  her brother literally discovered an important astrological happening, her uncle discovered the Nefretiti tomb in Egypt, her dad was an acclaimed scholar in the University of Rome and her mom a Neapolitan aristocrat, no wonder she was always one of the best and most original designers the world had ever seen. Her collections were infused with a rather large quantities of surrealism inspired by her close friends Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau that were revived in this years Couture show by the Fashion house.


Artistic vision by Schiaparelli circa 1950’s / Schiaparelli in her library in Paris  

In fact this collection made under the wing of acclaimed fashion designer Marco Zaninni was an ode to the brands hay day. Returning to her surrealistic roots he revisited some of her most famous creations and interpreted them in a very modern and daring way. The shapes, the prints and colors echoed a familiar Schiaparellian tune that seems to resonate with the melody of today. 


The influence of Schiaparelli’s original designs is everywhere, her fondness for illustration-style prints incorporated into the designs, the 3D elements emphasized on embroidery, there were loads of frills, light and voluminous, there were big bows too and applications of flowers, lobsters, crabs, stars, constellations all in the direction of remembering a genius, surrealistically satiated with her signature shock factor.


It was extravagantly glamorous with an edge on country with the mix of cowboy boots worn with sparkling skirt suits or with the wide pant shorts – shocking pink flower suit inspired by her famous circus collection. The stars were colored in popping neon’s or dashing colored hues, sparkles and prints. Constellations printed over silk satin, embroidered exquisitely on suits, lightly stretch floating evening gowns and there were feathers, so many different types and colors dancing around freely or lining transparent silk chiffons and organdines creating forms never before seen quite this way. It was like a garden and then a coral reef, an aquatic fusion emerging from the deep blue, shooting like a star toward an entire universe filled with countless stars resembling our nature. A world of fantasy mixed into the mundane. Schiaparellistic indeed!  


The t-shirt Marco wore read “I gave to the pink the nerve of the red. A neon pink, an unreal pink. SHOCKING PINK!” as stated long ago by the Queen of Couture!


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