Ralph & Russo flower sleeve detail / Ralph & Russo Couture SS15′

Ralph & Russo had been on everybody’s lips since their first appearance in the world of couture in the recent 2010. This London based Australian luxury brand have established a practice of such exquisite craftsmanship and a unique portrayal of perfection that felt like a fresh breeze in this world of presumable beauty.


Backstage photo from COUTURE SS19′ & handmade detailed craftmanship SS19′


This season their soft touch of embroidery had gone a bit wild and much bolder following the colorful suggestions  of their previous show. After all its couture, and those who know couture know her to be beyond the mundane, a unique special something made just for… a privilege for those lucky ones who can afford it and adorn themselves with its feathers and pearls. As Maria Felix the famous Mexican actress that is the inspiration behind this collection used to say “An original woman is not someone that doesn’t imitate someone, but the one that nobody can imitate.”


Maria Felix the incomparable Mexican actress known simply as La Dona she was the national epitome of the ideal woman

Couture is made for this kind of women, fearless, original and bold to just be their most beautiful self.


With such a lively character to reference, Ralph & Russo Couture SS19′ show opened flamboyantly with an explosion of complex textures, asymmetrical details, feathery volumes, experimental proportions and dispositioned shapes and forms. The acid green vibrant suit wrapped up in crystal embellished snake belt opened the show paying homage to the divas talents and formidable style. The suits that followed were encrusted with colorful stones that lined the collars, sleeves, pockets and hemlines and turned into laced up baroque embroidery. Cue sombrero-wide hats topped the looks with a taste of Mexico that were a signature style for the actress.


There was a black suit dress with a lovely asymmetrical touch of a transparent scarf in black, fringed with gold and golden lace trace in the corners, a traditional Mexican accessory. There were pom-poms dangling from the asymmetrically cut dresses in both black and white. We loved the feathers in all of their expressions, they emit an exuberant and vivacious celebration of life, a richness and confidence that captivates. 


The transparent crystal beaded dresses I like to call “crystal dreams” were iridescent and glowing with class. A handiwork intensive beaded crocodile formed the only opaque section of a sheer tulle fishtail gown, cinched with a black croc obi belt. There were iridescent laminated fringing recalling pinatas and heart shaped cutouts on the side of mini dresses and jumpsuits.


The bananas crystal embellished embroidery over a flouncy white ball gown was hilariously delicious. Column dresses possessed that classic old school Hollywood couture glam, daring, poignant and lovely.


The collection felt exotic and was an ode to living life to the fullest. That is what matters, that feeling of curiosity and joy for life that we all should share even if we can’t afford the luxuries of haute couture. Remember that each one of us is like a couture sample, unique, brilliant and ultimately inimitable. A custom made perfection,  and live each unrepeatable moment from there.


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