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The NYX Dark Blue Multi Zipper Pants


Product Information`s:
Material: Dark blue 100% Jacquard look a like Jersey
Black 100% Ribbed Interlock
Care information’s: Cold wash like with colors


NYX the ancient Greek Goddess of the night is the inspiration behind this soft elastic multi zipper pants, with two slits from both sides of the legs that can be easily tied on the side to create a contemporary Capri look a like leggings. The five zippers are independent and can open or close as desired. You can have fun with these pair of pants wearing them tight or loose at the heel or opening and closing the zippers symmetrically or asymmetrically. They come in dark blue jacquard like knit and in black ribbed interlock.The zippers are YKK anthracite premium quality. They follow your body shape and are extra comfortable. Suitable for any occasion and made to be worn over and over and over again. Made for our modern goddesses in limited edition.