Iris Van Herpen editorial looks from Couture AW19′

Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch designer whose otherworldly fashion creations utilize technology to an extent seldom seen outside of a laboratory. In her craft-intensive explorations of the relationship between stars, wonders of the galaxy, humanity and advanced technology this revolutionary designer who used 3D printing for the first time in fashion history in 2010, once again opened the possibilities for fashion’s future.


For her latest Couture collection titled Shift Souls she was Influenced by the “Harmonia Macrocosmica” a 17th-century star atlas, the fluidity of identity change and the possibility of engineering human hybrids that found form in her floating organza dresses with swirling gaseous like colorful prints echoing sci-fi space exploration.


It looked ethereal with a twist on earthly couture, as for the craftsmanship expertise level, it was way beyond any known standards as she continues to use the most advanced technology mixing it with couture’s signature “handmade” originals . Waves of neon orange pigment flushed around the body like flames on a long sleeved column dress made from a 3D net-like material that made an extraordinary illusion effect. 


She opened majestically in midnight blue pleated bustier gown with curved wing-like sleeves, revisited in pleated and printed versions in a variety of colors and prints. The layered organza dresses covered in abstract concentric layers echoing a topographic map of another world were a fantasy that seemed to come to life with every movement.


The magic erupted with the vaporous Cosmic dresses in layers of translucent organza printed with colored clouds by New York based artist Kim Keever, which lent his surrealistic touch to each creation. Equally dramatic was a blue and white mini dress that resembled an alien flower blooming into life, something Bjork might wear.


The engineering was extremely advanced, what made it more earthly were not only the color tones but the use of couture fabrics used in its production. The color and dying techniques revolved around a warm palette of ochre, tyrian purple, indigo and shades of red and blue that grounded the collection a bit despite the fact these designs looked like destined to be worn on a distant galaxy somewhere far, faraway with custom made faces that resembled unique fingerprints. 


And let’s not forget the shoes. Van Herpen girls seemed to be walking on clouds. The heels looked like undulating curves made from transparent Plexiglas infused with two colored ink for the purpose of creating a molten colored cloud. And again this time the shoes combined a strange beauty with a double note on practicality and comfort, unlike her previous wedges that were marvelously impractical but always a true work of art.


The finale was an artistic light show, with laser beam projections of swirling liquid clouds, with precise lines of light tracing the footwear and hems of the gowns to create a one of a kind glowing performance art.


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The designer is working on a major exhibition in Paris for 2020, is releasing a new book  and is in the finishing stages of her big architectural project for a museum of natural history somewhere in the Netherlands. So we are looking forward to see and read more of this revolutionary designer, a remarkable architect of clothes and a new kind of beauty. Cheers to the future Iris Van Herpen brings to us. Would love to hear how you like this collection!?


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