A Supernova is the explosion of a star.It is the largest explosion that takes place in space.A Supernova happens where there is a change in the core, or center of a star. 

This is what seemed to have happened to Natalia Vodianova who triumphantly conquered the entire fashion scene in a blink of an eye. From the  freezing streets of Gorky, now Nizhni Novgorod, Russia trough the catwalks of the very best in the fashion world, to the highest ranks of the British Empire. In the middle of it all married her now ex husband, an English aristocrat with whom she has three children.

Her marvelous rise echoed like an explosion of gargantuan proportion, and with her gorgeous angelic face and innocent way of being, earned her the nickname “supernova”. But it is her later transformation from a model that sold clothes to a role model citizen, who helps others less fortunate than herself that was the real expanding, the real breakthrough. I believe it is here we witnessed the creation of a force with no parallel, that given the experience of knowing how it is to be at the very bottom and the very pinnacle of societies  ladder, fought tirelessly  for improving the lives of women and children, for people around the world in need of a helping hand.

Quitting school to take care of her younger sister Oksana who suffered from autism and cerebral palsy was probably the initial spark that ignited the vision for her Naked Heart Foundation that started it’s mission in 2004 to build safe playgrounds, educational programs, and family support centers for people  with special needs in her native Russia and later in other parts of the world.

Every year the Naked Heart trains more than 250 child-development specialists and teachers, and it’s built nearly 200 play parks across the United Kingdom, Peru, and Russia, where it has also set up family-support centers. With no state support, families like Vodianova’s are more likely to put children with special needs into orphanages. Her mother refused, and the family paid the price both financially and socially.


Things are starting to change but there seems to remain a strong prejudice against people with disabilities. Instead of making it hard for everybody we need to look up to the disabled as the light of our lives, because it is in situations like these we can lend a helping hand and contribute to society as a whole. It is here that we excel in our human nature, that is one of union and not division. Where every single human being whether it be disabled or not is valued equally, for it’s contribution. Nobody should be quick to judge as to what is good or bad, right or wrong, for anyone of us can find himself easily in a similar situation. Instead there is a need to embrace our similarities, leave aside the differences that only add to our rich diversity, and make the change towards a greater understanding, acceptance, inclusion, compassion and love.


Every year the Naked Heart Foundation gathers the cream della cream of the world’s elite at one of their “love balls” organized at different locations around the globe, with specific themes, where guests can learn more about the causes, than need attention, care and funding, participate in their very own way toward raising theirs and the public awareness in such delicate matters, and the finances needed to make the change.

This year’s Love Ball is a recurring benefit for the first of her favorite causes, back in London after last year’s New York’s setting, titled the Fabulous Fund Fair. Tonight is the night and I truly wish I could be a part of it, however we all have our way of contributing, so here are the details. The Fabulous Fund Fair tonight  is space-themed and will be an impossibly glamorous version of a country fair where Eva Herzigova is handing out the soft-serve ice cream, Karlie Kloss is selling cookies, and the balloon-popping contests and catapults are brought to you by Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. We are all very much looking forward to all the “out of space” fashion statements on their course to a brighter future. So stay tuned for more…


Vodianova hasn’t stopped at Naked Heart. Another baby is Elbi, a micro-philanthropy app she developed with a co-founder Timon Afinsky that aims to make supporting causes fast, easy and fun. Elbi users can donate as little as 1$ a day to featured charities, but they are encouraged to send virtual drawings or cards of their own, which fellow users can like. Each like is worth another dollar to the charity and earns points for the creator, who can cash in for swag donated to Elbi’s Love Shop. As she does for Naked Heart’s Love Ball gala and the Fabulous Fund Fair, Natalia has tapped her network for the Love Shop items, and they range from Fendi x Beats by Dre headphones, Gabriela Hearst handbags, Christian Louboutin fragrances, pieces from H&M’s Conscious Exclusive line and more.

The idea is to make doing good like a game. Other charities are now seeking out Elbi to licence its technology for their own uses, and the company’s developers are translating its interface into 14 languages to get ready for prime placement in Apple’s all store. She also has a growing staple of tech investments, including PicsArt and Prisma, two drawing and photography apps, a great believer apparently in smart technology.Last year she joined the board of the Special Olympics, an event in which more than 100,000 athletes from her country participate.


After child number five with the world renowned prince of luxury Antoine Arnault with whom she  has two children, she got acquainted with the Flo app, where she learned a lot of vital information about women’s cycle and health. Soon afterwards she invested in the company and became a board member and a front person for Flo, a female-reproductive health app that uses machine learning to accompany 13 million users a month down the Red road. “Let’s talk about it. Period.” was the title of Flo’s first public initiative accompanied with a video campaign where Vodianova together with fellow supermodels shares leakage horror stories, what they love about their periods, the attitudes of the man in their lives toward their monthly cycles, which is important because boys need to know how to address it with their girlfriends too, and plan their lives according to our cycles as much as we do.     

Young and beautiful indeed, a remarkable woman in every aspect, Mother of five, loving partner, successful entrepreneur, she is an inspiration. I haven’t got the privilege of meeting this extraordinary woman, but i do admire her devotion, her vision and her giant heart that is making it all a reality. I too am a firm believer that fashion can be a platform for social change, because it is such an integral part of being human, it’s everywhere, in everything, and with the rise of social media it’s exploding evermore in every direction. Vodianova is setting the trend of wanting to do good, and working hard to achieve this goal, because it is the only thing that makes sense and is worth the effort.

Using the attention you get in a way that makes a difference is what makes life meaningful and guides us toward a brighter future, and an inimitable today. Not all of us have the attention but we are all an integral part of the change in this brand new world we’re building together, for and with our children. Download the Elbi app and click the love button, it is the little actions that make a BIG difference. Good luck tonight wonder woman,! Let’s do this.


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