Prada is not just about clothes, her collections always serve their purpose best for starting a conversation. And this particular collection discusses what’s happening in the world at the moment : a need for freedom, liberation and fantasy,  and  an extreme conservatism  at the other end.


This collection seems to depict this clash between these two complete opposites.  Being a tastemaker at heart, she never fails to express her outlook on the issues at hand, and what is happening in the world now is more of an inspiration that anything. Detecting the political cliché codes  is natural the moment you glance upon the combination of styles she proposes, tie dye skirts vs. crystal embellishment, swimsuit tops vs. chiffon blouses. miniskirts vs. tennis skirts, white  t-shirt vs. duchess silk satin skirts.


 As usual she tries to break the rules by  literally meeting  casual and formal, liberal and conservative.  She introduced tie dye and psychedelic motifs on skirts and mini dresses, alongside a vintage print with silhouettes of women and men. And youth had its share in the affair, in cutesy baby doll dresses, Alice bands, and tops cut like swimsuits, swimwear-style cut-out knitwear, and  heart-shaped red handbags that are all viable contenders for next-season big sellers .


What I particularly love are the knitted colored sporty shoes and the embellished, satin and printed headbands resembling a renaissance styled hair accessory with a fresh twist  – Alice bands. Prada shows are always fun and never boring that’s for sure. Somehow she manages to pull of her magic hat new tricks and trends each season, always keeping the invisible thread that has Prada written all over it. A master of style indeed. A remarkable woman with a unique creative mind.    


The best thing about Miuccia is her authenticity of style and personal expression. I was never crazy about her runway. In the spotlight she  presents  her collections in a style very much her own, always a fusion of the old with the new, there was a nerdness in her eccentricity  that portrayed something I was not ,  at least it seemed so, because the moment I entered the store there were too many pieces I adored! And the quality is beyond! The service – a lifetime guaranty  and each piece of clothing, shoe, bag or an accessory fits perfectly with everything. That is her genius. Presenting an eccentric look on the runway that can be cute, daring, elegant, classy or funky depending on your personal style and the way you put it together and the flair with which you  wear it.


When interviewed for Vogue last year she declared  “Art sometimes isn’t enough. We have to embrace other forms of expression,”  talking about her Fondazione. It’s a conversation we tend to avoid in fashion, yet few things are more important to the new generations than having a point of view. And in a time when designers are prohibited from talking politics by the corporations they work for, the self-governing Miuccia Prada stands out as an outspoken fashion hero, who values authenticity higher than anything. Nothing could be more millennial than that.


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